Customer Satisfaction

Quantitative and qualitative analysis for measurements of customer satisfaction levels, identification and analysis of gaps with respect to expectations in order to redefine offer system.

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Scenario Analysis

Construction of competitive scenarios by analysing macroeconomic trends  and the behaviour of the principal actors in the market.

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Customer Loyalty Programs

Planning and implementation of customer loyalty & retention programmes.

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Brand Strategies

Creation, positioning, development, expansion and revitalisation of brands.

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Event Management

Creation and planning of events, organisational management, follow-up and post-event evaluation.

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Corporate Level Strategy

Redefinition of firm’s strategic positioning, through a new value proposition, consistent with critical success factors and internal organisational processes.

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Business Planning

Definition, evaluation and selection of strategic options for development, economic-financial and organisational planning.


Sector Analysis and Benchmarking

Analysis of sector dynamics, the offer system of leading competitors, and national and international best practices, including across different sectors.

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Corporate Governance

Design of corporate governance processes and strategic planning.


Marketing Plan

Definition of firm’s marketing strategy, support for planning and implementation: selection, supervision and coordination of suppliers involved in the process.


Innovation of Offer System

Support in identifying new markets/customers and expansion of product/services portfolio.

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Organizational Structure

Design and support for realisation of organisational structure and operational coordination mechanisms.


Evaluation and Incentive Systems

Design, implementation, monitoring and refinement of systems for evaluating performance and incentives; design of compensation systems.


Change Management

Management of organisational changes through the redefinition of corporate processes, the need for skills, and operational mechanisms.

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Employee Satisfaction

Measurement of associate satisfaction levels, identification and analysis of expectation gap, and definition of plan for improvement.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy

Definition and implementation of strategic plans aimed at establishing or improving the firm’s ethical standing.

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CSR Report

Design and development of sustainability report in accordance with the most common international guidelines.

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Corporate Communication

Definition of institutional communication strategies, implementation of actions and monitoring of results.

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Stakeholder Management

Identification, evaluation and management of customer’s internal and external stakeholders.

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Internal Communication

Definition of strategies for spreading and gaining consent for corporate culture, motivation and identification programmes.


Crisis Communication

Definition of communication strategy and all measures needed to deal with unanticipated crisis situations, with the goal of overcoming the crisis and preserving the firm’s credibility.

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Media Relations

Structuring and management of a relationship network with the media world, and outsourced management of press offices on behalf of customers.

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Public Affairs

Representation of a firm/organisation’s interests with respect to reference institutions in terms of specific issues, or a repositioning or improvement of image or reputation of an organisation with respect to its stakeholders.



Social Media

Creation, development and management of social media as a function of corporate goals.


Marketing & Communication Coaching

Ad hoc training for management and associates.


Management Course for sport organizations

With the EDUQUA certification and the sponsorship of the DECS (Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Ticino Canton) and Swiss Olympic, SRI offers its services to people who work, or intend to work, as managers in sports organisations, with the goal of increasing quality of management.