Our Approach


The first step in our strategic approach is understanding the customer’s problem, through an initial phase of analysis that allows us to create a precise outline of the situation upon which concrete and shared objectives are then developed and based on which the operational activities will focus.



Our consulting is based on a structured and quasi-scientific method, which allows us to offer customers real and achievable solutions, in line with their needs. By combining strategy and operations, we are able to guarantee concrete results.



As trusted partners, we take full responsibility for the matters assigned to us, which we manage autonomously and with an entrepreneurial and managerial spirit. The customer’s problems are ours as well.



Working closely with the customer, involving the customer in the progress of our work, and providing assistance in the implementation phase of the solutions proposed, is at the centre of our consulting model. SRI applies the same approach in its own organisation, and collaboration becomes an encounter between different and complementary skills that lead to value added solutions for the customers themselves.