A platform for stakeholder management and networking


Medium-sized company, active in the healthcare sector.



The company needs to become better known locally and to progressively affirm itself as a centre of expertise within the local healthcare system. How to get more attention from stakeholders? Is a massive marketing plan necessarily the best solution in order to reach the objective?



In the context of a broader stakeholder management strategy, SRI proposed the organization of a public conference on a topic of current concern. The conference would be organized in collaboration with primary actors within the healthcare sector and involve prestigious speakers. The conference also provides relational moments involving one-to-one meetings, a networking aperitif, and the dinner with the speakers. In this way, not only the conference provides an occasion for visibility to the company, but also becomes an important networking platform among some of the key actors in the sector.


Platform conception

Development of a concept for the event, through the identification of:

  • Key stakeholder to be involved in the organization and as speakers at the conference
  • Potential topics than can trigger interest across operators, institutions, sponsors and the public

Event conceptualization

  • Detailed definition of:
    • Conference program
    • Budget
    • Timing 
  • Support in managing the relationship with the moderator and the speakers for the conference
  • Development of a sponsoring concept

Organization of the event

  • Management of suppliers for the event (e.g., catering)
  • Inspection and organization of the location


  • Development of a database containing the contact information of all stakeholders potentially interested in the conference (e.g., politicians, institutions, associations, etc.)
  • Preparation and delivery of invitations and reminders
  • Media relations (identification and invitation of key media, press release, management of interviews, etc.)

Operational management of the event

Presence during the event:

  • Ensuring that all aspects work (e.g., fine tuning of presentations, management of the recordings and technical instrumentation, etc.)
  • Networking facilitation


  • Returning the list of participants to the conference
  • Send documentation to conference participants
  • Collection, control and forwarding of supplier invoices


  • The conference, together with the related activities, allowed to build/strengthen relationships with key figures in the political, institutional and healthcare sectors.
  • The event was promoted together with leading local actors, enabling the company to position itself as a credible and prestigious entity in the local landscape.
  • The conference received a good coverage in the media, generating a good indirect visibility for the company.
  • Thanks to the satisfaction of all the actors involved, the conference is now organized annually, bringing together different players active in the healthcare sector (pharmaceutical and health insurance companies, the cantonal government, medical doctors, experts, etc.). In this way, the client company has the chance to meet with important players in the sector with the potential to start new strategic collaborations.
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