Measuring customer satisfaction: beyond the numbers


Public transport company, characterized by presence in two different markets, very different in terms of quality perception and quality of the service offered.



Through bold choices and significant investments, the company greatly expanded its offer by accessing a new market, very different from the previous one both in terms of service usage and socio-demographic characteristics of its users. The increased complexity proved challenging for the management, which expressed the need to develop a tool to evaluate customers perceptions in order to support its strategic and operational choices.



SRI focused on two key aspects: first – structuring a survey able to capture the satisfaction of very different publics in a way that would be both time- and cost-effective. Second – make sure that the results would convey concrete recommendations aligned with the company’s business objectives.


Understanding management needs

  • 2 meetings with the management of the company, in order to understand objectives and strategy
  • In depth analysis of available information and documents

Survey conception

  • Identification of the most appropriate survey mode: distributing the survey directly on the means of transportations
  • Survey development
  • Estimate of the statistical universe and sample definition
  • Definition of invectives to increase survey-redemption

Data collection and analysis

  • Planning of the data collection process
  • Preparation of materials
  • Training and supervision of personnel involved in the distribution of surveys
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis

Business-oriented results interpretation

  • Results presentation in a graphical and visual way
  • Delivery of a confidential document with interpretation based on business objectives. The documents was structured in a way that could also be understood by those who did not follow all stages of the investigation



  • The survey distribution strategy proved very effective, achieving a 35% redemption rate (very positive in this area).
  • The survey allowed to understand that overall customer satisfaction was generally high, highlighting at the same time some critical points on which to focus in the short-medium term.
  • The survey not only allowed to measure customer satisfaction, but also permitted to better understand the client’s profile in terms of service usage and knowledge of the offer.
  • The survey allowed to define an intervention plan to address areas of weakness. A decision has been made to run the survey on a regular basis in order to continuously monitor customer satisfaction in light of the actions taken.
Customer Satisfaction Corporate Level Strategy