Resources are scarce? A new approach to fundraising


An international non-profit organisation active in the field of humanitarian assistance.



There is increasing discussion of the importance of developing partnerships that are able to generate significant value for all of the parties involved; this has led the non-profit association to review its activities, by considering the possibility of carrying out its own fundraising in a new manner, enhancing a “classic” funds drive with actual benefits for donors, for example when they are firms. But how can a non-profit organisation speak the same language as a for-profit entity, and offer a truly attractive fundraising programme?



SRI was appointed to develop a fundraising concept that enables resources to be collected and which is capable of providing concrete value to for-profit partners.

Identify new partners in the Canton

  • Identification of potentially attractive institutions

  • Definition of the concept of partnership to be offered to three potentially interested parties: a leading sports club, and two media outlets (print and TV)

  • Management of relationships with partners and definition of partnership agreements

Identify new partners at national level

  • Preliminary analysis of potentially attractive associations

  • Definition of partnership concept

  • Make contact, present the proposal, and manage relationships until the signing of the partnership agreement




  • Development of a networking platform in the form of a gala dinner that the partners have been able to use as a tool for internal rewards, inviting the most deserving associates, and as a means to consolidate relationships with key customers by inviting them to participate in an exclusive event.
  • Development of cause-related marketing programmes conceived on a customised basis for individual partner firms, and used by them as incentive systems for employees, who by actively participating in the support for the social cause, perceive a motivational reward and increased sense of belonging to the firm, which takes on a positive and socially responsible connotation.


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